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Do you need Resource?


If any of these statements apply to you,

then the answer is YES.


1. You are a real estate professional who understands social media but doesn’t have the time to create or update profiles.


2. You are a real estate professional with many years of experience who doesn’t understand social media but know you have to get on board.


3. You are a real estate professional who is tech savvy, is consistent with social media updates but finds it hard to find content to post.


4. You are a real estate professional who still wants to do things the
ol’ fashioned way like print newsletters and mailings but can’t find
the right content to make that happen.

Resource multimedia has the solutions for all of these scenarios.

We know that lives are busier and more competitive than ever. And with real estate, it’s never been more important to stand out from the rest.



Your Resource Multimedia Membership provides

you with everything you need to have a

successful and competitive digital campaign


Your membership includes:


• Hundreds of royalty-free articles
To use in your newsletters, websites, blogs etc...


• Time-released Tweeting
Schedule your tweets ahead of time!


• Hundreds of ready-to-go Tweets & posts

We’ve got it covered with industry-related, local and current tweets and posts!

• Exclusive custom marketing Solutions

Discounts on custom newsletters with local listings, brand strengthening

with a unique look and tagline, and custom video.
























Resource Multimedia is a full service website that provides real estate professionals with the tools they need to build an active social media campaign and engaging communication materials inexpensively and with little effort.

We make it almost effortless to have an active social media presence that is competitive in today’s online real estate community. All you have to do is log in and select from a series of articles and tweets and choose your sharing options – the site does the rest! Have articles sent directly to your blog, have real-time posts sent directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and download articles and high-resolution stock photos for your print newsletters – all with a few clicks!

It’s that simple! Discover your affordable options!









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